Surabaya Girl

Surabaya Girl
Photo Surabaya Girl, yes ... I am living in Surabaya City, Indonesia. 
Surabaya is a metropolitan city number two in Indonesia, after Jakarta. Girl in Surabaya was pretty lost when compared with girls of Jakarta. But every city must have its distinctive characteristics of each other.

I have a girl friend in Jakarta, she had a restaurant business there. if one day I went to Jakarta or traveling on Jakarta, I will visit her. I miss her and took off and want learn how to open a restaurant like her. Exactly, I want have my own business. but I want to have a business in Surabaya, because I am Surabaya Girl. heheehe :)

Jakarta it was crowded and all can be easily obtained. but I prefer stay in Surabaya. I am Surabaya girl and live in Surabaya. if I'm out of town, it is traveling or I have business in out town . When the traveling or business is finished, I'd be back to Surabaya and continue to strive to achieve my future goals to become successful people in Surabaya.

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