Portland bike ride festival

Each country has its own characteristics, both from customs, culture and traditions. In Portland, Oregon USA there is a festival that followed thousands of naked cyclists.

Portland bike ride festival

Portland bike festival

Best way to clean furniture

Furniture arrangements make home attractive and impressive. However, do not forget to clean the furniture regularly. Each item has a different treatment methods depending on the species. For that,

clean furniture

Tips to avoid stress during holiday season arrives

Tips to avoid stress during holiday season arrives, planning a long vacation as a gift from a tiring day at the office can be fun. Determining the travel destination, calculate the budget to be

Tips to avoid stress

Prepare to vacation abroad

Long vacation may be the perfect time to invite your family out of the country. But this trip should be thought out and prepared in advance. holidays abroad

Here are things to consider if you

Prepare to vacation

Selena Gomez met with Orlando Bloom at LA airport

Selena Gomez met with Orlando Bloom at LA airport. Gomez still looking for true love. An uncertain relationship with Justin Bieber, 22-year-old singer made ​​a tasting a love story with another man.

Selena Gomez with Orlando Bloom

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